The Ultimate Real-Time Freemium Game-Play Experience With Boom Beach

From a prismatic view, seeing the top performing players in Boom appear to throw certain hiccups or glitches in terms of viable, feasible and customary endgame strategies. The main reason behind this is every player seems to nourish and cater to the same base layout of their building. Before going into the positive experiences of the game (because there are lots and lots), let’s talk about the flipside, which is really not much. After playing this game for a long time now, I discerned that there’s not adequate facets in its current update vis a vis its social integration aspects.

This, I think was a pretty big thing about Clash of Clans, tagged famously as Boom’s ceremonious spiritual predecessor. As a big fan of Supercell, I put a lot of hopes and expectations in their game-play and game making impulses. I think that these additions will eventually be integrated into Boom Beach. Of this, I’m pretty sure. The game is relatively young in the market and hence goes bare in these aspects. Notwithstanding these little glitches, pacing, timing, overall balance and approach ability are extremely vital facets of successful and long-running freemium game. Boom excels in each of these aspects.

I enjoyed the fact that there was good coverage for both non-base and defense base shielding aspects.

Considering that you aren’t over indulgent with social branches or the end-game material, or you don’t harbor some illogical hatred and distaste for freemium games, Boom is sure to enamor all and sundry. Whether it comprises praiseworthy and voluminous retaining capacity as its celebrated predecessor will only depend on the forthcoming and I reiterate the inevitable tweaks to its mainframe game-play. In the middle of all this, it’s well worth all your shots. The graphics is superb and the sound-effects are simply mind-blowing. To me that best part of its visual appeal was that the sounds complement with the beautiful, captivating locales and landscapes that you come across.

While I was exploring an archipelago, I could only sit and sigh at the breathtaking graphics and rendered the digital stuff lively and lovely. There is deep cinematic depth in Boom, which takes the gaming experience to another level. At times, when you hit the deck, mix with troops; set up your task force to gather Intel in the conquered islands, you feel that you’re really on a mission to free people. When the game gives this vibe, I believe it has already won. That kept me glued.

The currency is quite simplified and solved right from the beginning. You do have secondary currencies too, but they come in gradual stages when you start with your upgrades and treatment of the headquarters. This part was also very interesting. After I entered the middle of the game with the shells falling harder, guns blazing more and cannons damaging more ruthlessly, I discovered additional currencies that started to show up. This game does have an eerie habit of pushing players to immediate upgrades pertaining to base buildings with that currency I mentioned. However that’s just a commercial technique. You can always use the boom beach hack to pass through this without spending any cash and yet obtain all resources.

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